COVID-19 Update

TD Family Dentistry 

Dear Valued Patients,

Considering the recent health concerns, we want to assure you that our #1 priority is the safety and well-being of all our patients and employees.

We recognize and understand that there are legitimate concerns about COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Therefore, we want to update you on what we are doing to provide a continued safe environment for you, your family and our employees.

Therefore, we at TD Family Dentistry and the governor’s office of the State of Texas have decided to limit our treatments to an emergency basis only through May 8, 2020. During this time, we will be open Monday through Saturday 9am to 1pm. TD Family Dentistry will resume normal hours of operation on May 14, 2020. If you have an existing appt before May 14, 2020, please call us at 281-829-7887 to reschedule.

Protocol if you need emergency treatment:

First, we are constantly monitoring and taking actions to secure your health and safety while you are in our office. We have enhanced our already stringent hygiene protocols on all patient and employee touch points; additionally, we are providing anti-bacterial soap in all hand-washing stations for all patients and employees.

Secondly, we are reinforcing proper hygiene practices for our employees and patients by ensuring they: 1) Thoroughly and vigorously wash hands, 2) Discourage touching nose, eyes and mouth, 3) Cover sneezes and coughs, and 4) If sustaining a temperature of 100.4°F (37.8°C) or higher (per the CDC), to please stay home and rest. The same rules apply to our employees so that we can ensure a safe environment.

Lastly, we are asking that any patient with an emergency appointment upon arrival to TD Family Dentistry please call us from their vehicle to inform us you have arrived and we will escort you directly to a treatment room to limit your time in the office.

Thank you for your trust in us. We look forward to seeing you soon. Stay Safe!

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